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Youth Summer Camp & Referral System!

We will be hosting our second annual youth summer camp coming up in a few weeks. Information will be posted below! We only have 20 spots total please reserve your spot before they fill up!

Date & Time: Starting June 25th and ending July 30. Every Tuesday/ Thursday from 6-8pm. (Off July 4th)

Details: 5 week program, with 10 total sessions. Covers all aspect of hitting/throwing.

Pre throwing routine, daily throwing, mound work, mechanical analysis, arm care, tee drills, swing mechanics, machine work, situational hitting, and competitions.

For ages 9-13! We have 20 spots available so make sure you reserve your spot before it fills up!

For pricing and more details pleasure contact us.

DM Email: baseballperformancecenter@gmail.com Call: 609-350-9195

Referral System!

Lastly, we also will be starting a Referral System starting on June 1 as well. So if you refer someone to BPC and they sign up for a month. You get a $25 credit towards your next month. For example, if you refer 4 guys to BPC and they all sign up, you will get $100 off you next month of training!