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BPC Challenge Results!

Last week, we hosted the third annual BPC Challenge. This is an exciting event that mimics what a lot of college programs call the, "Omaha Challenge." It is a way to change up from the everyday training that the guys go through, and allow them to compete and really get after each other. The Challenge consists of individual baseball events such as, hitting fastballs off of the machine for exit velocity, execution bullpens, and hitting targets in the cage off of a tee. (Not all events listed) It also, consists of a wide range of individual weightlifting and agility events from squatting and push-ups, to box jumps and broad jumps. It then moves towards group events like, move the mountain and tug-o-war. And finally, on the last day, LIVE AT BATS.

This years event was the best one yet. We had some crazy impressive numbers from guys, the group events were competitive as hell, and the live at bats were fun to watch both on the mound and from the box. For most of the guys, it was their first time facing a hitter or a pitcher this year, which sometimes can get pretty uncomfortable. However, this was not the case this year...guys absolutely went after each other. It was great for us to see as trainers/coaches because the guys were more than prepared to face off.

Lets get to the awards and winners.

The MVP of the event: 2021 RHP from Pennsgrove HS, KELLEN DAVIS. Remember the name. Kellen is definitely the quietest kid in the building and can sometimes slide under the radar on a daily basis. However, his performances from last week were LOUD. He took first or second in pretty much every lifting or agility event. While he was not on the team who took first place and won the event, he definitely made a name for himself.

BPC CHALLENGE CHAMPIONS: Team Mckenna. Team Mckenna, led by captain and Ocean City senior LHP, Jake Mckenna. This team all but locked up the Championship Crown before we even got to the live at bats portion of the event. They dominated (as a team) almost every single event that the BPC Challenge had to offer. They hit, they pitched, and they tore up the weight room and group events.

You can find highlights from the event on our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

We want to thank the guys who competed in the event. Thank you for making this the best BPC Challenge yet. And we would also like to thank the guys from BFA Productions and This Week in Baseball. They covered the event live online and helped hype it up. Follow them this spring for live coverage of high school baseball games every day.