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My son walked into BPC 3 years ago with a goal of making his varsity high school baseball team. It turned out to be the best investment we ever made.
    I didn’t really know what to expect but the decision turned out to be priceless for Shane. The instruction he received from Ed Charlton, Mike Adams (BPC) and Jason Law (Laws of Movement) was invaluable and it went beyond baseball. Their mentorship encouraged Shane to believe in the process and dedicate himself to the grind.
     Not only did BPC and the Laws of Movement improve his game but they also transformed his body all while training in an electric and competitive atmosphere with the best players in the State.
     Shane went on to earned a starting position on his varsity baseball team and a D1 college scholarship as well.
     Thank you, BPC and Laws of Movement!  We are forever grateful!



Baseball Performance Center-it’s not just a place, it’s a way of life.  BPC athletes experience the best training with coaches and mentors who work with them every day to hone their skills on the field and in life. When you show up and put the work in, the results come out and the right people notice. If your son has the goal is to play in college or play professionally, the coaches have the connections to get them seen.  I am truly grateful to BPC for how they helped shape my boys into the players and men they have become. 



BPC and it’s staff is an incredibly special place.  My son (Jackson) showed up as an 8th grader lacking confidence, conviction and skill.  Our goal: to MAYBE play high school baseball, the result: Division 1 pitcher.  While all of that is impressive the most impactful part of that decision were the intangibles.  This is a brotherhood of young athletes, they are incredible teammates, confident competitors and fearless leaders, all due in large part to the unwavering support and guidance they have gotten from “the rig”.  The greatest decision I could have made for my son was to send him to train at BPC, we owe Ed and Mike a debt of gratitude for changing so many baseball players stories, especially Jackson’s.



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