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Velocity. Control. Movement. Mechanics. Each facet of pitching will be attacked and conquered with our next-level training, staff, and technology.


Hitting for power and average don't have to be mutually exclusive. Let our experienced coaches and staff help you build a swing that will play at any level and have you feeling confident in the box. 

YOuth Training

All great baseball players possess a high-level of skill and talent. What if we told you both could be taught? Our highly-qualified coaches and staff will help develop the necessary base to achieve both.

Remote Training

Can't make it to BPC to train in person? Join our remote training platform that allows you to continue your development with the help of BPC remotely. We will build you a custom plan from remote assessments done virtually.

Trust The Process

At BPC, we pride ourselves on maxing out each and every player that comes through our doors. To do this, we use the newest and most effective technologies, Big-League level video and data analysis, as well employing some of the top pitching and hitting instructors in the country. Once you enter "The Rig" you will know why the most elite professional and amateur players around the world come to train with us.

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