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One-on-One Remote Training Plans For Developing Velocity, Becoming a High-Level Athlete, and Achieving Your Baseball Goals
See What We Offer:

Welcome to BPC Remote Training


Producing hundreds of college players, dozens of pro players, and a long track record of transforming careers, Baseball Performance Center is one of the top pitching facilities in the country.


What's Included:


1 on 1 Mechanical Assessments: Detailed video breakdowns of your mechanics so you can understand exactly what you need to be working on and why.


Detailed Programming: Know exactly what you need to do to reach your goals every single day from throwing to lifting to correctives.


Personalized Approach: Not every athlete is the same and each requires an individualized approach to their training. We build out your plan based on YOUR needs, no generic programs here.


And more…

Following the programs to a tee is made as simple as possible. You will be walked through every step inside the program.
Results That Speak For Themselves

This Program Is For You If:

You’ve been STRUGGLING TO GAIN VELOCITY & FIND A PROGRAM that is straightforward and easy to stick to


You need PROFESSIONAL & REPUTABLE TRAINERS that you can feel comfortable guiding you through your career


You’re A HIGH SCHOOL OR COLLEGE PLAYER that needs tailored training to reach the next level


You’ve reached a VELOCITY PLATEAU and need help getting over the hump to begin making gains again

Remote Training Breakdown

Mechanical Assessment

We'll run you through our comprehensive analysis to identify the key flaws in your delivery so we can write the most effective training possible. This is the same assessment that all of our BPC pros have gone through to improve their mechanics.

Movement Assessment

Similar to our mechanical assessment, this analysis will allow us to identify any major flaws regarding your mobility or movement capacity.

Daily Coaching

Develop a close relationship with one of our BPC performance coaches and get feedback on a daily basis in order to make progress as quickly as possible.

Individualized Drill Work

We will create a custom plyo routine based on the inefficiencies we find in your mechanical assessment. We will also provide any additional drill work that we believe will develop your velocity.

Strength Training + Correctives

Head to the weight room with confidence as you will have a monthly workout program tailored to your specific needs. We will also give you mobility correctives to address any inefficiencies found in the movement assessment.

Data Analyzation & Game Planning

Gain a better understanding of how to use Trackman and Rapsodo data to develop an unfair arsenal, as well as guidance as to how to use it most effectively in-game.

Career-Changing Transformations

"My son walked into BPC 3 years ago with a goal of making his varsity high school baseball team. It turned out to be the best investment we ever made.

I didn’t really know what to expect but the decision turned out to be priceless for Shane. The instruction he received from Ed Charlton, Mike Adams (BPC) and Jason Law (Laws of Movement) was invaluable and it went beyond baseball. Their mentorship encouraged Shane to believe in the process and dedicate himself to the grind.

Shane went on to earned a starting position on his varsity baseball team and a D1 college scholarship as well.

Thank you, BPC and Laws of Movement!  We are forever grateful!"



"Baseball Performance Center-it’s not just a place, it’s a way of life.  BPC athletes experience the best training with coaches and mentors who work with them every day to hone their skills on the field and in life. When you show up and put the work in, the results come out and the right people notice. If your son has the goal is to play in college or play professionally, the coaches have the connections to get them seen.  I am truly grateful to BPC for how they helped shape my boys into the players and men they have become."



"BPC and it’s staff is an incredibly special place.  My son (Jackson) showed up as an 8th grader lacking confidence, conviction and skill.  Our goal: to MAYBE play high school baseball, the result: Division 1 pitcher.  While all of that is impressive the most impactful part of that decision were the intangibles.  This is a brotherhood of young athletes, they are incredible teammates, confident competitors and fearless leaders, all due in large part to the unwavering support and guidance they have gotten from “the rig”.  The greatest decision I could have made for my son was to send him to train at BPC, we owe Ed and Mike a debt of gratitude for changing so many baseball players stories, especially Jackson’s.



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