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Hitting has never been harder. In a game that is driven by pitching, hitters need to give themselves the best chance to compete in the box. Building an efficient swing will give them the best chance for sustained success. The swing is a tool, sharpen it daily. 

Training Tailored To You



Through our evaluation process you will have access to a number of different technologies that we offer. We use Trackman, Blast Motion, and 4D Motion sensors to help put some numbers behind the methods. Numbers are not everything, but they can help paint a bigger picture. 

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Using the Trackman Hitting unit allows us to get the exit data needed to know where a player is at. The data helps us hammer home the methods to what we want the swing to be able to do. The swing produces the exit data outcomes. We know how to produce the most favorable outcomes for becoming the best hitter you can be. 

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Our training atmosphere is second to none. Surrounding yourself with high level talent in a group training atmosphere will help you elevate your game to levels you couldn't imagine.

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