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Give your son the best opportunity to succeed with BPC’s youth training options.

We focus on developing youth players for the long term.



Tues/Fri: 7-8:30


Wed/Thur: 7-8, 8-9

For our youth athletes we prioritize a good movement foundation along with acquiring skills that will propel them as they approach advanced levels of baseball.

Understanding mechanics at a young age will be a huge benefit to them as they continue to mature and grow in this game.

We provide a great environment to learn and compete and use this program to graduate our athletes in our regular styled training.

Training Tailored To Your Needs


Through our evaluation process, we will analyze each player's movement patterns and pitch data, allowing us to best develop a program to maximize their athletic needs. 


Having technologies such as Trackman, Blast Motion, and 4D allows us to better understand how each athlete moves, providing us with objective data that we can utilize as we prepare individualized workouts and training. 


You won't find a better atmosphere for your child to become the best baseball player they can be anywhere else. We guarantee it.

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